Friday, 10 February 2012

Wedding venues - what happens in bad weather?

Of all the costs involved in the organisation of a wedding, it’s almost certain that the venue will be top of the expense list!

Over recent years, lots of new wedding venues have appeared across the UK, adding to the choice faced by couples looking for somewhere to celebrate their first day as Mr and Mrs.
Almost all venues these days have lovely grounds, and any photographer worth their salt can make use of these to provide excellent wedding photos. But what happens if the weather turns nasty?
From this point of view, it’s always worth looking carefully at the INSIDE of a prospective venue, as well as the outside grounds. Here are just a few things that will prove worth their weight in gold if the heavens open just as the photography gets started are:

* A good sized clear area, large enough for some group photos, and ideally without heavily patterned wallpaper and curtains!

* An attractive staircase is always useful for posing groups, as well as less formal shots of the bride and groom.

* Four poster beds.

* Large windows providing natural light.

* A library area.

* Large sofas, again without cluttered backgrounds.

* Covered, outside areas such as walkways, pergolas etc.

* Conservatories/orangeries.

Just one or two of these can make a big difference to getting some great shots, come rain or come shine - of course, the other option is to get under an umbrella or two, and just enjoy it!

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